y’all know who’s an angel and deserves so much more credit than she deserves in mockingjay? katniss everdeen

are you fighting, katniss? are you here to fight with us?

                                         i  a m . i  w i l l .

'Listen to me. No one else can do this but her.'

Our Leader The Mockingjay - Mockingjay part 1 teaser trailer

oh my god oh my gfosd…… 

Anonymous said: how will you download the trailer?

from youtube using this website!

Anonymous said: Will you gif the trailer?

yes for sure!! im going to gif just katniss first and im not that fast of a giffer though so i hope it wont take a while lol

Anonymous said: Where is the trailer gonna be released? Like what website

its going to be on the thg facebook page!!